How To Tell Your Roof Needs Attention

5 Benefits of Using Timber Wall Frames for Structural Construction

Most individuals desire to build their homes and have them custom-designed as per their requirements and lifestyles. Such dwellings are highly rewarding, financially and aesthetically. But the secret lies in choosing high-performance, beautiful and low-energy timber wall frames. These materials have a host of benefits compared to other conventional building options. 

The following are five benefits of using timber wall frames when constructing your custom home:

Faster Construction

Timber wall frames are famous for their dry construction process. The main build can be completed indoors, away from weather elements and transported onsite for erection. For this reason, you can have tradesmen like electricians or plumbers onsite much sooner without the need to wait for the structure to dry up. Hence, it's much faster to construct a timber frame home at any time of the year and minimise on construction costs.

Highly Affordable

One of the most significant challenge when building a home are unforeseen delays which can quickly add up and put a dent on your budget. With timber wall frames, you'll have most of the work happen off-site in a dry workshop, reducing the effect of poor weather on your construction. Besides, all the guesswork is eliminated on the construction timeline, allowing you to predict your budget easily. Also, timber wall frames are less labour-intensive, which saves you more money on the required workforce and machinery.

More Flexible

If you do not want to sacrifice many options, consider using timber wall frames. Since you are not building with stacked logs, you can hide vital components such as HVAC or electrical systems behind them. Additionally, the frames support the whole structure and allow you to design open floorplans. You can also choose to incorporate other building materials on the structure's interior and exterior.

Energy Efficient

Wood has natural insulating properties which give your timber frame house high thermal efficiency levels. Compared to traditional stone or block materials, timber wall frames make a structure more comfortable and warmer. Since timber wall frames come manufactured in structured insulated panels (SIPs), there is a high degree of accuracy, which in turn allows airtight and energy-efficient design. Therefore, using timber wall frames covers you against increasing fuel costs while helping you live in a clean environment. 

Build Green

Finally, timber wall frames are friendly to the environment since trees are renewable energy sources. Construction of structures using timber wall frames requires fewer materials, which results in less deforestation. A home designed with timber wall frames will help you cut down on your energy consumption when you combine it with other energy-saving approaches.

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How To Tell You Roof Needs Attention

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