How To Tell Your Roof Needs Attention

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Skylight for Your Home

If you want to create an airy feeling in your house and make it appear spacious, you might be planning to install a skylight. Here are several factors to keep in mind.

Amount of Light

You need to consider, when choosing your skylights, how much light you want to flow into a particular space. You could fit one skylight or several in a row or at different spots. An expert can advise you on the proper size, number, and placement of skylights.

In a compact area such as a walk-in wardrobe or a windowless powder room, you could install a sun tunnel, which has a smaller opening. A sun tunnel will bring in less daylight so as not to overwhelm the area with brightness. In these spots, it functions as a type of natural light globe that you'll never pay for in terms of electricity.

Ventilating Skylights

Another consideration is whether you want a ventilating skylight. In a bathroom or kitchen, you might choose a model that opens, so you can let steam and food odours drift outside. If you're worried about unexpected rain flowing inside, choose a model with a moisture sensor. The skylight will then automatically close, even if you're out. Some models can be conveniently controlled with a remote control device as well.

Ventilating skylights create a healthier home environment by letting warm, humid air escape. Your bathroom will require less cleaning, and the kitchen will be fresher. Humidity that can't find an outlet can cause condensation to form on windows and mildew to grow throughout a home, not just in the room that generated the humidity.

Roof Windows

Skylights and sun tunnels typically connect to a shaft or a tube that extends from the roof to the ceiling. However, some roofs require a different structure, such as a skylight window (or roof window). If a space has a cathedral ceiling or you're putting windows in an attic, you can fit these openings on the slanted ceiling surface.

Skylight windows are similar to vertical windows, but they're higher and angled. Their unique orientation will provide a skyward view, giving the room an unexpected openness. Roof windows are ideal if you want to make a room appear bigger. You can fit blinds on them, as you can on standard skylights, allowing you to keep the room dark, which is necessary for bedroom attics. Skylight windows can also be opened using a remote device.

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