How To Tell Your Roof Needs Attention

Gutter Repair: Four Crucial Tips for Restoring Optimal Drainage

Damaged gutters will compromise the drainage of rainwater. If this roofing conduit system is not repaired immediately, the consequences could be quite significant. The roof could be damaged due to the strain from the faulty gutters and subsequent flooding. Rainwater could begin flowing along the building walls, causing water damage, paint peeling and structural deterioration. You can avoid these issues by conducting timely repairs. Here are some simple tips to get you started on restoring optimal gutter drainage.

Remove Debris

If your gutters are blocked, you will notice slow drainage of rainwater. Fortunately, this problem is easy to resolve without professional help. You will only need a ladder for access and a pair of work gloves to pull out the accumulated debris. This simple process will not only restore the flow of rainwater. It will also prevent damage to the gutter structure. Remember, if the debris is not eliminated, the weight of the material will cause the piping to be strained. If you would like to avoid recurrence of clogging, consider investing in covers.

Check for Cracks

Old gutters might have little cracks or holes due to rusting and general deterioration. This form of damage will cause water to flow along the walls of your house. Therefore, immediate repair is crucial. If the holes are small, you can seal them using putty. Simply, clean the area around the holes to remove rust and dirt, and scrape the section to eliminate any rough spots. Then, apply the repair material using a putty knife. If the holes or cracks are large, you might need to use metal pieces as patches.

Reposition Gutters

If your gutters are sagging, you will need to realign the channels. Sagging will cause water to pool in certain sections of the gutter, leading to damming and overflow. In most cases, misalignment is not caused by the gutter channels. The problem can be traced to the support. If the supporting materials are damaged, you will need to evaluate the level of damage. Loose hangers should be tightened, and if they are broken, replace them.

Replace the Gutters

Repair might not always be the best option for gutters if the structure is severely damaged. For instance, if the channels are dented, replacement might be the most suitable option. Smaller dents can be removed using a rubber mallet. However, this is not a practical solution if the units are severely crushed. Unfortunately, replacing can be a difficult undertaking. Therefore, if you decide to get a new guttering system, consider hiring a professional roofer. 

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