How To Tell Your Roof Needs Attention

Two tips for those who want to turn their flat roof into a rooftop bar

If you'd like to turn the flat roof of your commercial property into a rooftop bar, you should find the information below quite helpful.

Book a roofer to fit some fencing around the rooftop's edges

The most critical new feature you will need to have your roofer add to the flat roof is some fencing. This barrier will prevent the people who visit your bar from accidentally falling off the roof. You should give a lot of thought to this purchase and ensure that you choosing fencing that is suitable for your new business and the premises from which you will run it.

For example, if you want your rooftop bar to be quite high-end, then you might want to have your roofer fit fully opaque fencing so that those in the buildings around yours cannot see into the bar when it is open. Providing this level of privacy is important if you want the bar to seem luxurious and to have that air of exclusivity. Conversely, if you're fortunate enough to own a building that offers breathtaking views of, for example, the sea or a nearby park, then you might be better off getting the roofer to fit glass fencing around the roof so that this barrier won't stop your customers from enjoying this scenery.

It should also be noted that the fencing should be tall because when some people have had a few tipples, they tend to lose their inhibitions and try to do dangerous things. As such, some of your customers might try to climb up or sit on the top of your rooftop bar's fence. However, if your fence is tall enough, the chances of any of them being able to do this will be very low.

Find out the roof's load-bearing capacity

When the roofer finishes installing the fencing, you should ask them to calculate the roof's load-bearing capacity. The reason for this is as follows; you will need to know what this figure is when picking out the furniture and decor for your new bar as the total weight of all of these items, along with the combined weight of the maximum number of people you can have on your premises at once, will have to be significantly lower than this figure.

If the combined weight of these two categories exceeds your roof's load-bearing capacity, then the roof materials will weaken under this excess weight. The deterioration of the roof on which your bar is located could create an unsafe setting for your customers to spend time in and could result in you having to fork out a lot of money to repair it.

To learn more about roofing or fencing, contact contractors in your area.

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