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The Best Tips to Know When Building a Granny Flat Kit

Granny flat kits were initially made for ageing parents. Many aged people love spending their retired life with people of the same age. Today, however, more people are choosing to live in the granny flat kits. That is because they help solve the problem of high rent prices. These houses are mostly one-bedroom or self-contained dwellings. They are mostly built within a compound with the main house. The fact that they offer safety has led to the popularity of granny flat kits. If you are thinking of building a granny flat DIY kit, then the tips provided in the article can help you. 

Do Your Research

Before you begin the project, you need to carry out enough research. Take the time to find out what you will need. It is also essential to understand what to expect after completing the project. If you are planning on renting the granny kit, you will need to find out the current renting prices in the market. That will help you analyse if it is a worthy investment. Keep in mind that the higher percentage of people renting these granny flat kits are students or people starting in life. Thus, you should not expect high rent from them. 

Building Costs

Another thing you should know is how much you will spend to build the granny kit. You will incur various costs when putting up a granny kit. The prices of different materials and services depend on the city you live. Other elements, like the location of the granny kit and whether it will be on-site or off-site, will also affect the prices. If you have space, then building on-site is a cheaper option.

Meet the Builder

Before you settle on one builder, you will need to consider various factors. The experience and certification held by the builder are elements you should always analyse. You should also get multiple quotes from different builders. That way, you can settle on the best one for your project. You can then meet the builder to explain the details of the granny kit design. You also need to be open to get new ideas from them as well. 


Building a home is an overwhelming task. That is why you need to find ways to make the process a smooth one. Use the tips offered above when looking to build a granny flat kit. Ensure you set a realistic timeline for the project. That way, you will end up with a comfortable granny flat kit. 

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