How To Tell Your Roof Needs Attention

Top Re-Roofing Questions You Should Ask Your Contractor

One of the important things you need to do before starting your re-roofing project is to choose an ideal contractor. You can either do the research yourself and find the best contractor in your area or ask friends and relatives for recommendations. But, finding a reputable contractor and allocating sufficient funds for the project isn't all you need to do. You are required to stay informed and also communicate with your re-roofing contractor so the project can be planned and executed with ease. This post will share some questions that generate productive conversations and will guide you accordingly.

When can you start?

The availability of roofers varies depending on the seasons, and this is why it's always advisable to do re-roofing projects during off-peak seasons. This is the time when contractors are less busy and can start the job you assign right away. So, once you decide to hire the contractor, be sure to ask when they can begin. Most reputable roofers may have a waitlist, depending on the season, but they should be able to provide a reasonable date. Ask them to give you the start date in writing so you can plan accordingly as well.

What's the timeline?

You also need to know your project's timeline beforehand to make the necessary preparations. For instance, you may need temporary accommodation for your loved ones if you're replacing your home's roofing. Most roofers will assess the job before setting the timeline. This involves surveying to know the existing roofing damage. Note that there may be unforeseen complications not written into the timeline, so give them a few extra days in case the work turns to be complex or some mishaps happen.

Can you finance the project?

Most big roofing contractors help customers who have limited resources to get a new roof upon request. So, if you cannot afford to pay for the entire project, be sure to talk to your contractor before exploring other financing options like the bank. Contractors usually offer better rates than banks since they are still the ones that are handling the job. If they provide financing, then you should ask about their requirements as well as interest rates.

Who will supervise the work?

Some roofers may have a team of employees (permanent, temporary or leased workers) that handle the work, while others work with subcontractors. Knowing who will be on the site each day will give you some peace of mind and even promote effective communication, especially when you need an update or problems occur.

Speak with a roofer for more information. 

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