How To Tell Your Roof Needs Attention

How Delaying Roof Repairs Can Cost You

It's easy to procrastinate in all areas of life. However, procrastinating when an element of your home needs repairs can cost. Here are three costs of delaying when it comes to repairing your roof.

Extensive Repairs

You might put off replacing damaged or broken roof tiles, thinking you can replace them later rather than sooner while taking care of other expenses first. However, roofing provides the first line of defence for your home against the elements, notably rain and other storms. Any holes or gaps allow rainwater to enter the roof cavity, thereby rotting and warping timber beams and framing elements. Once that occurs, structural costs will pile up on top of roofing costs. Rather than merely replacing a few tiles, you can find yourself facing more extensive repairs. To check for moisture damage in the roof cavity, look for dark patches. Alternatively, streaming sunlight through the roof on a bright day suggest holes. 

High Energy Bills

As well as hiking up ultimate repair costs, delaying roof repairs can increase ongoing energy bills. During winter, when heating is on, warm air that naturally rises will escape through roofing gaps. Thus you'll pay higher heating bills as a result. During summer, holes will allow air-conditioned air to escape, pushing those costs up also.

Less Comfort

Procrastinating with roof repairs also costs in terms of personal comfort. Without a securely sealed home, struggling heating and cooling systems can leave rooms unevenly or inadequately heated, with hot or cold patches. Rather than relaxing in a perfectly regulated house, you can feel chilly or uncomfortably hot.

Unappealing Facade

Broken or missing tiles or rusty sheet metal generate a shambolic feel across your home's facade. By delaying fixing roof issues, you'll pay in terms of reduced pleasure and pride as you pull up your driveway and notice the imperfections and flaws which tend to stand out. Worn-out roofing detracts from the entire exterior of your home.

Thus procrastination can worsen a damaged roof as moisture infiltrates the roof cavity during rain, causing structural problems. In the meantime, you're likely to pay higher energy costs and experience less home comfort. Plus old damaged roofing detracts from the beauty of your home's facade, giving it a worn, un-cared for appearance. By fixing issues promptly, however, you'll minimise any resultant damage, have lower energy costs and avoid other personal costs to comfort and pleasure.

For more information about roof repairs, contact a professional. 

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