How To Tell Your Roof Needs Attention

The Three Most Important Accessories You Need When Plasterboarding

When beginning your career as a plasterer, it can be hard to figure out what plasterboard accessories are needed for which scenario. After all, to most people, drywall all looks the same and making something stand out would be a bad thing, right? Well, not necessarily, as there are many functional and aesthetic choices you can make that will make every house feel different. All of this can be done with just a few different plasterboard accessories that are commonly available. Here are some examples of just how useful these accessories can be.


Plasterboard cladding is vital to the longevity of the exterior walls of your house. Not only does plasterboard cladding fit into both the form and function categories, but there are many varieties that give you a lot of space to work with. From thick cladding, which is made to resemble brick to simple timber cladding that gives your home a subtle rustic feel, cladding is the best and only way to accessories your outward-facing plasterboard. Remember that when choosing this cladding you should make sure it is compatible with plasterboard and stud walls so that it doesn't become a problem when the installation process begins.

Access Panels

There is any number of reasons why you could need to access the interior of your walls, both in commercial and residential properties. In commercial businesses, it is often used as a way to quickly check and possibly alter significant electrical wiring in manufacturing plants and IT departments. In residential properties, access panels are installed so that otherwise impossible to reach plumbing can be fixed long after it is installed. Access panels make ongoing maintenance far less tiresome and expensive, and disguising them is a large part of your job as a plasterer. 


You never realise how much the border of a wall can shape your impression of a room until you remove the cornice. Cornice has been a plasterboard accessory for hundreds of years, and over this period, has gone through many changes until it arrived at its modern versions. From the dazzlingly intricate designs to the refined and simple, there are so many different types of cornice you could use a different option in every room. However, picking and sticking with the type of cornice you want is essential before any job so you can order in the quantities needed. Don't let a particularly indecisive client make you lose sleep; provide them with samples and get on top of it early. 

For more information on plasterboard accessories, reach out to a contractor in your area.

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