How To Tell Your Roof Needs Attention

Reasons Why You Might Need a Roof Replacement

Roof replacement is the process of removing the current roof you have installed and replacing it with a new roof. The new roof can either be of the same material as the one being removed or a different material altogether. Here are three reasons you might want to have your roof replaced:

1. Your Roofing Is Severely Damaged

Over time, your roof might be damaged from prolonged exposure to harsh weather elements. Even though you might take care of it through maintenance, eventually, there may come a time when you might need to replace the roof due to age-related damage. Maintenance is, however, important because it helps keep your roof looking great and prolongs its design and useful life.

For example, if you have sheet metal roofing, severe damage is evident when the metal sheets are gravely rusted or corroded in such a way that repair cannot be done. Such roofs experience leaks and cannot be firmly attached to timber or metal trusses.

If you have tile roofing, severe damage is evident if many tiles have crumbled to the point that it cannot be repaired. You may experience leakage, rotting timber trusses and severe mould growth.

2. You Want to Change to Another Roofing Material

Sometimes, maybe due to the weather conditions of your locality or noisy roofing, you might want to change the roofing material you currently have installed to another. For example, if you have metal sheet roofing and you want to retain heat in your home, maybe because it is usually cold for the better parts of the year, changing to tile roofing may be better. Additionally, if you do not like the noise made when rain hits your metal roofing, you can change to tile roofing, which is much quieter.

3. If You Have Asbestos Roofing Installed

Before 2003, most roofs were mostly made of asbestos. It was later discovered that asbestos causes many respiratory problems, including lung cancer. That's why you find or hear so many people saying they need asbestos removal services. Asbestos should not be handled by just anyone; you need qualified asbestos removalists to visit your home for inspection and to professionally remove and dispose of asbestos.

If asbestos is found on your roof, it means that you need a roof replacement. You have the option of sheet metal roofing or tile roofing. Contact a roofing contractor so that you can discuss the benefits of each option and then make the right choice.

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