How To Tell Your Roof Needs Attention

Why You Should Always Update Your Roofs Paint Before Selling Your Home

When trying to sell a house there are many different factors you need to consider that could increase the amount you earn. Some of these are big, structural changes such as adding on a home extension or upgrading the plumbing, while others are simple changes to the cosmetic look of your home that make it look more appealing. One area that people often forget about is the roof. Here are three reasons why roof painting can help increase your sale price when you put your home on the market.

Get Rid of the Faded Look

Your roof is the part of your home that ages the quickest and for an obvious reason: it bears the brunt of the sun and weather events that causes the paint to age quicker. That does not mean the tiles themselves are broken (although this can happen too), but they can look as if they are quite decrepit and worn even when they might be less than a decade old. The only way to combat this is to give them a fresh coat of paint, which is why roof painting is becoming more and more part of every homeowner's due diligence before they sell.

Discover Any Underlying Issues

Apart from simply making your home look good, when you hire professional roofers to do your roof painting, they will also ensure that there are no serious problems that are hiding beneath the surface. That can include broken tiles, dirt build-up, mould, structural issues and more. In those cases, a full roof restoration could be in order if you don't want to spend tens of thousands having to replace the roof in the near future. A simple roof restoration is perfect preventative work that addresses these concerns without ripping everything that is still functional. 

Modernize Your Home's Facade

When you get your roof painting done you do not have to choose the same colour you already have, and many people choose this time to change the colour of their roof to something more modern. Black is becoming an ever-increasing colour for roofs, almost superseding the classic red tiles you see on most suburban homes. If you are going for a particular aesthetic, then your roof can help sell that look to. This can work as long as you get it done in the right shade and colour. Always talk to roof painting contractors beforehand about what they think about the colour you have chosen. 

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