How To Tell Your Roof Needs Attention

Four maintenance checks for your rainwater downpipes

Rainwater downpipes are a vital part of the drainage of your home, and they carry water away from the building where it could cause problems. However, in order to keep the drainage system working properly, you will need to ensure that your downpipes remain in good repair. Here are some of the things to look for.


Firstly, check that your downpipes are properly connected to the guttering. There should be no visible gaps or holes between them. Even the smallest crack could lead to water running down the side of your home instead, where it can cause a problem with dampness or damage your walls. Checking for sound connections in dry weather can save a lot of trouble in a storm or downpour.


For the same reason, you should check that there is no damage to the pipes themselves and that they have not begun to crack or split through age, or suffer any other kind of damage. If you have metal downpipes, make sure they are not rusting in the bends under the eaves. Leaking downpipes will not fully divert all the water away from your home and will need to be replaced in order for your drainage system to continue to work efficiently.


You should also make sure your downpipes are firmly fixed to the wall. Any loose or missing brackets should be replaced immediately. The brackets must be able to withstand heavy weather conditions and should be made of the appropriate materials. If the downpipes are not securely fixed in place, they may buckle and break, allowing the water to damage your home rather than be safely drawn away.


Finally, you should ensure that your downpipes do not become blocked. The same soil and leaves that can block your gutters can also clog up your downpipes. If this happens, the water will simply overflow from the guttering. Your downpipes should be cleaned by using a pressure hose from the top of the gutter, pushing the debris down. This should completely clear the downpipes and allow for the free flow of rainwater. If you are not sure of yourself, a professional gutter cleaning service will be able to clear them for you.

Regular maintenance checks will ensure that the rainwater drainage in your home is working properly and that you do not suffer problems with dampness or flooding. If you have any doubts, just call in a professional service.

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